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Possible reasons why my website does not indexing

Possible problems with indexing website with MySitemapGenerator

If the index your site failed, the robot will attempt to issue a message describing the probable cause. Nevertheless, the generator is not always possible to reliably determine the problem. To have our robot did not have problems with indexing your site, please read the list below basic errors that may prevent indexing.

1. Check your robots.txt file

Not correctly formatted robots.txt file can close your site from all search engines, including those from our scanner.

Possible error - the existence of such instructions in your robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

If you intend to close the site from being indexed by search engines, but you want the robot to MySitemapGenerator crawled your site - uncheck «Include instructions in the robots.txt».

2. Make sure that the page returns a status of the domain «HTTP 200 Ok»

«HTTP 200 Ok» means a successful request for a resource. Any other response to your server will be ignored by the scanner.

Just scanner supports handling of server redirects 301, 302, 303 and 307.

3. Check the «Content-Type», which returns a page of your site

MySitemapGenerator searches URL only on pages that form the HTML-code, respectively, must return the title «Content-Type» with the meaning «Text/HTML».

An example of the proper header in the response, which should return a page of HTML-encoded in Windows-1251:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=windows-1251

4. The size and page load time

The scanner does not limit the allowable size of scanned pages, but any page of your site must be formed within 30 seconds. Otherwise, the URL status equal to «unavailable».

5. It is important that you understand: The scanner takes into account only local references in the area of the specified domain

At the same domain without the www and are considered to be a mirror. Any other sabdomeny or URL outside the domain are not counted.

For example, if you asked for indexing http://site.com, then in the case of links with an absolute URL like http://www.site.com/page, they will also be taken into account. Accordingly, if you specify the URL of the site as a scanner http://www.site.com, then the links will take into account the form http://site.com/page. But references like http://sub.site.com counted as local will not.

6. For websites that work on the CMS with embedded systems to restrict access

Please note that the indexing process, the scanner sends a large number of requests to your website. Some of the CMS with appropriate settings, can block our crawler requests for reasons of safety or load on a Web server. Recommend that you remove such protection at the time indexing of your site.

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