What is a Google Product Feed?

Google product XML feed is a file with detailed information about the products. Feeds can be created according to the RSS 2.0 specification using the Google Merchant Center namespace.

According to the RSS 2.0 specification, each data item has three predefined attributes: title, link, and description. All of these items are required when creating a product feed.

        <title>Feed Title (String)</title>
        <link>Website URL</link>
        <description>Feed Description (String)</description>

The data feed also requires image_link, price, id, condition, availability attributes. With their help, Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords Services provide the necessary information about the product.

Additional mandatory items are also required for certain categories of goods or countries.

In order to use the specific attributes required in Google services, you must add a reference to the Google Merchant Center namespace and the special prefix "g".

    <g:[ELEMENT-NAME]> ... </g:[ELEMENT-NAME]>