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Auto-Updatable YML Feed for Yandex

This service allows you to automatically generate and update YML-feeds for your online store according to a schedule.

feed permalink

Feed Submission URL

MySitemapGenerator provides you with the YML Feed Submission URL that will be available immediately after the end of the first-time site indexing.

api intergation

Create an auto-update product feed URL on your website

Integrate with your site using a ready-made script or developers API.

product feed management tools

Backuping and Management Tools

Exclude products using manually created conditions. Create rules to automatically find and replace text in product data.


Subscription Plans


$5.00 / month

Re-crawl & rebuild: 1 x month

Check and update offers: 1 x week

Indexing URLs: 100,000

Backuping data: -


$8.00 / month

Re-crawl & rebuild: 1 x week

Check and update offers: -

Indexing URLs: 50,000

Backuping data: +


$16.00 / month

Re-crawl & rebuild: every 3 days

Check and update offers: daily

Indexing URLs: 5,000

Backuping data: +


$24.00 / month

Re-crawl & rebuild: every 3 days

Check and update offers: -

Indexing URLs: 15,000

Backuping data: +

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