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Indexing Cyrillic Domains
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Indexing Arabic Domains & URLs

MySitemapGenerator has support indexing of Arabic domains & URLs containing Arabic characters.

For indexing are available:

  • Internationalized Domains (IDN) Domain names that contain the characters of the Arabic alphabet. IDN top-level (ICANN).
  • National Domains (ccTLDs) National top-level domains (ccTLDs) are delegated to the appropriate national registrants, who establish registration rules for them, either themselves or as directed by the government (IANA).

Examples of supported URLs:

  • http://الموقع.arab/
  • http://الموقع.شبكة/
  • http://website.tld/العربية
  • List of Arabic top-level domains on the Internet: كوم. , .كوم , .موبايلي , .كاثوليك , شبكة. , .بيتك , بازار.

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