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Creating an RSS Feed

Using our generator, you can quickly and easily create an RSS feeds!

Generate the RSS feed for free or create an Automatically updated RSS feed.

RSS belongs to the family of XML formats and is intended to describe the latest updates of Internet resources – news, publications of new articles, updates in blogs, etc. Almost any text content that can be divided into separate parts can be provided in RSS format. Usually RSS provides a brief description of new information appearing on the site and a link to its full version. A resource in the RSS format is usually called an RSS-feed.

Version 2.0 of the RSS format supports extensions through modules lying in their namespace.

Description of RSS 2.0 format

A document in RSS format must contain a mandatory channel section, which contains the child sections that describe the RSS feed, and the item sections that provide information about the updates.

Channel element

Required child elements:

title – RSS feed title

link – website URL

description – short RSS feed description

Optional Elements (not Require):

pubDate – date of last publication

image – link to the RSS feed logo

Other optional elements: webMaster, managingEditor, language, copyright, lastBuildDate, category, generator, docs, cloud, ttl, rating, textInput, skipHours, skipDays.

Item sections

RSS feed can contain any number of item sections; item elements are optional.

title – publication header

link – publication URL

description – short content description

pubDate – publication date

Other elements that can be used: author, category, comments, enclosure, guid, source.

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