GoDaddy Data Feed Generator and Product Exporting


Create a Google Product Feed for your GoDaddy Online Store. This solution allows you to create a commodity XML data feed without the need to install additional apps and technical difficulties.

Do you want to sync your GoDaddy store with major sales channels?

We provide a quick and easy solution to syncing GoDaddy stores with major 3rd eCommerce channels, e.g., Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Our product feed service offers a free limited version for small sellers, as well as paid plans for large online stores that provide automatic export URL and feed management capabilities. Start feeding your GoDaddy product catalog right now in a couple of clicks.

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How do I get my GoDaddy product feed URL with MySitemapGenerator?
After you sync your GoDaddy store's product catalog with our app, we'll generate an XML data feed and provide you with a link to automatically connect your inventory to sales channels.

How do I get listed and advertise my products on Google with GoDaddy?
Once you create a product feed, you can sync your GoDaddy store with Google Merchant Center that enables Shopping Campaigns and Dynamic Product Ads.

How do I advertise and sell products from my GoDaddy store on Facebook?
Once you create a data feed URL, you can sync your GoDaddy store with Facebook Product Catalog that enables Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook Shop, and Instagram Shopping.