These scripts are an example of a gateway organization to get the files that are generated according to the schedule. You can develop and use your own implementations of download and output files on the site using your site ID and HTTP protocol.

How to install a script to generate a permanent file URL in your domain?

  1. Subscribe to any auto-update service.

  2. Download and unzip the zip archive with a script corresponding to the connected service.

  3. Open the script in any PHP-code editor and enter the value of the numeric identifier of the site that you received in your account.

  4. Upload the script to the root www-directory of your site. It's all!

Latest PHP scripts:

  1. Updatable XML Sitemap

  2. Updatable RSS Feed

  3. Updatable Google Merchant Feed

  4. Updatable Yandex YML Feed

Use the API for more flexible implementations (download sample implementation as a mini-library) - available for XML Sitemaps and RSS update services.

Ready-made solutions in PHP, allowing to connect Auto-Updatable Sitemap and Auto-Updatable RSS services with the hosting of a handler on your web server.

The principle of script operation is to open a socket connection between your site and the server with the subsequent uploading of the last file generation.

Customizable options:

1. Digital ID of your website:


You can find out the website ID in your personal account.

2. File to create a cache copy:


The resulting output of each subsequent generation is saved to the file. The contents of the file will be shown if a connection error occurs.