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Create your own podcast RSS feed to start podcasting on any platform.

The free plan allows you to run up to 3 generation requests per day.


✔ Up to 5 episodes  
✔ 14-day URL & widget

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Persistent Podcast Feed from $1.00/Mo
✔ Up to 100 episodes   ✔ One click feed update  
✔ Hosted feed URL & widget

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Podcast General Setup


How do I create an RSS feed for my podcast online?
To create a podcast RSS feed with our free online builder, you just need to upload a cover image (or choose one from our free templates), complete your podcasts information such as the title, description, authorship, and upload audio files.
How do I get my podcast feed URL?
Once you create your podcast RSS feed, we'll provide you with an RSS feed URL that you can submit to any compatible platform or integrate with your website.