What is an RSS feed?

RSS belongs to the family of XML formats and is intended to describe the latest updates of Internet resources – news, publications of new articles, updates on blogs, etc. Almost any text content that can be divided into separate parts can be provided in RSS format. Usually, RSS provides a brief description of new information appearing on the site and a link to its full version. A resource in the RSS format is usually called an RSS-feed.

Version 2.0 of the RSS format supports extensions through modules lying in their namespace.

What does an RSS feed look like?

A document in RSS format must contain a mandatory channel section, which contains the child sections that describe the RSS feed, and the item sections that provide information about the updates.

Channel element

Required child elements:

Optional Elements (not Require):

Other optional elements: webMaster, managingEditor, language, copyright, lastBuildDate, category, generator, docs, cloud, ttl, rating, textInput, skipHours, skipDays.

        <title>Feed Title (String)</title>
        <link>Website URL</link>
        <description>Feed Description (String)</description>

Item sections

RSS feed can contain any number of item sections; item elements are optional.

Other elements that can be used: author, category, comments, enclosure, guid, source.

        <title>Item Title (String)</title>
        <link>Item URL</link>
        <description>Item Description (String)</description>