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We provide the ability to generate an alternative Sitemap for BigCommerce sites.

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Want to find your free build-in BigCommerce Sitemap URL?

Just enter your BigCommerce site URL and get your Sitemap link:

You can submit the generated URL in your Google Search Console account.

How to find a free BigCommerce Sitemap URL?
BigCommerce provides a build-in XML Sitemap which is updated automatically. The following template demonstrates how to find your site's Sitemap URL on BigCommerce:
yoursite.domain Ц is your site's domain.
What are the limitations of the standard BigCommerce Sitemap?
The main problem for large sites is that the platform limits Sitemap to 50,000 URLs. BigCommerce only creates a single file with random/recent 50,000 URLs.
Is it possible to create an alternative Sitemap for your BigCommerce website?
Yes it's possible. To use a different Sitemap, you need to upload it to a website and use that link when you submit your Sitemap to the search engines instead.
Can I create an XML Sitemap for BigCommerce over 50,000 URLs?
Yes, you can create a Sitemap manually or using third-party tools. With our services, you can easily generate Sitemaps for sites of any size.
Can I create an Image Sitemap for the BigCommerce site?
Yes, we can generate Image Sitemaps by collecting info about all the images on your website. Just activate the Sitemap extension to add images and specify your BigCommerce CDN domain (like cdn* in the list of allowed image hosts.

Create Alternate XML Sitemap for BigCommerce

✓ Max coverage of site pages · ✓ Image Sitemap ✓ Multilingual Sitemap

Plans start from $4.00 USD per month

Explore all plans