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The Blogger platform has grown in popularity among web publishers for its affordability and rich options for bloggers of all levels. However, from the point of view of search engine optimization, this platform has its drawbacks. One is that Blogger does not automatically generate a sitemap (unlike many other cloud-based site builders). Let's see how to fix this problem.

How to create a free Blogger Sitemap?
Although Blogger does not provide a classic XML Sitemap, an alternative is to use a build-in Atom RSS feed as the Sitemap.
The following template demonstrates how to get your site's feed URL from Blogger:
yourblogname Ц is your blog's domain. And if you replace 500 with another integer at the end of the URL string, you can adjust the number of web pages it displays.
What are the disadvantages of a standard Blogger's Sitemap?
The main problem is that platform users have no control over the content of the feed. And for large sites, you will have to generate many separate URLs to pass the Sitemap in parts. Also, a feed includes only links to blog posts but does not include links to any other pages on the site, such as category sections.
Another issue is that the file is not a standard XML Sitemap but an Atom feed. While Google can use an Atom feed as a Sitemap, it is not supported by other search engines. For example, such a file cannot be submitted to Yandex, and unfortunately, it is impossible to solve this completely.
What is the difference between Atom and XML Sitemap?
Single URLNoYes: file up to 50k pages or Sitemaps index file
Configurable additional tagsNoYes: update date, priority, and update mode
Additional namespacesNoYes: Image Sitemap, Multilingual Sitemap, etc.
Is it possible to create a Blogger Sitemap manually?
Unfortunately not. The crux of this problem is that Blogger users do not have access to upload XML files to their site, and thus you cannot create a link to submit the file to search engines.

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Plans start from $4.00 USD per month

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