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WordPress is the most popular platform to create websites on the web. WordPress is used by both individuals and well-known companies around the world. Nowadays, WordPress powers a vast number of different types of websites on the Internet, from small private blogs to large e-commerce websites.

Does WordPress have an XML Sitemap out of the box?
Starting from version 5.5 WordPress core includes built-in support for XML Sitemaps. Therefore, if you have WP 5.5 or higher installed, you will automatically have an XML Sitemap generated for your website.
How to find your default Sitemap URL in WordPress?
You can find the default Sitemap URL in WordPress by adding "/wp-sitemap.xml" after your site's root URL. The following template demonstrates how to get the URL of a Sitemap in Wordpress:
yoursite.domain Ц is your site's domain.
What are the disadvantages of a default Sitemap in WordPress?
By default, WordPress generates Sitemaps for all public post types, taxonomies, and author archives. However, it does not support custom post types unless you register them using manual coding. They also do not indicate last modified date, embedded images, and other useful parameters applicable in XML Sitemaps. The other drawback is that WordPress Sitemap ignore the rules you can set in the robots.txt, and as a result, they may include pages you don't want to be indexed. There is also no option to exclude a specific page in the Sitemap from the admin panel.
Why might the default WordPress Sitemap cause an error or not work?
Rendering Sitemaps (as well as other WordPress core features) requires certain technical requirements, such as a minimum PHP version and the availability of certain PHP extensions like SimpleXML. If your web server does not meet these requirements, a 50X error message will be displayed instead of the Sitemap.
Should I use third-party plugins to generate a Sitemap in WordPress?
The WordPress repository offers many third-party plugins that can be installed on your website to improve its functionality. But many users believe that the fewer plugins they use on their sites, the better, and this makes sense. Some badly coded plugins are bulky and overloaded, which can slow down your site. Also, some plugins are not safe and can make your website vulnerable. Plagins can also be incompatible with other installed plugins, causing your website to not load or produce errors.
Is it possible to create a Sitemap for WordPress website without technical skills, third-party plugins and any coding?
With our service, you can easily create a Sitemap for a Wordpress website without having to install anything on your side.
Can I create an Image Sitemap for Wordpress website?
Yes, we can generate Image Sitemaps by collecting info about all the images on your website. Just activate the Sitemap extension to add images.
Can I create and serve an XML Sitemap from the cloud?
With our paid plans, you can easily link your XML Sitemap directly to Google Search Console and other search engines via Sitemap Cloud URL without having to upload or install anything on your side.
Can I put an HTML Sitemap Page into my Wordpress website?
Of course, you can easily integrate your HTML sitemap into your website using a PHP script or by embedding a simple Javascript widget.

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Plans start from $4.00 USD per month

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