Submit your XML Sitemap to Yandex


What are the steps to submit a Sitemap to Yandex?
  • 1. Log in to your Yandex Webmaster account.
  • 2. At the top of the sidebar, select your website that you want to submit a Sitemap for.
  • 3. In the left sidebar, click "Indexing options" and then "Sitemap files".
  • 4. Enter your XML Sitemap URL into the text field and click "add".

Once you've added your Sitemap, you'll need to wait for it to be downloaded and processed by Yandex.
How long does it take for Yandex to read and process a Sitemap?
Yandex says that the Sitemap file is usually processed within two weeks of adding it to Yandex Webmaster. You can track your Sitemap status by using the Sitemaps report provided by Yandex Webmaster.