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Free Mobile Sitemap

In the free version only 3 running request per day is allowed / Indexing limit is 500 pages

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Note: Only WAP and iMode websites is indexed. Otherwise regular XML Sitemap used.

Website root URL:
For example: http://website.tld
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Processing settings: General settings are used by default. Click, to view or change settings.

Custom Data Source

Our indexing bot is ready to crawl your website and collect the necessary data automatically. Instead, you can send the prepared data in CSV format, and the crawl of your website will not be made and the appropriate handler settings will not be available. Import Data from CSV

Crawler Settings

Turbo mode through proxy servers Average Speed/Load: Crawler Identify: Maximum indexing time:

Crawl Options

Follow the rules set in the robots.txt file Don't crawl contents marked as noindex Don't crawl links marked as nofollow Follow & consolidate canonical URLs Indexing AJAX (hashbang) Crawl HTML forms Crawl framed content Crawl Javascript Index only RFC1738 compliant URLs Index only Yandex-compatible URLs (complies with Yandex requirements)

Generation Settings

Include Priority, use website structure Include Lastmod Calculate Changefreq from Expires & Cache-Control Headers Create Sitemaps Index File (for several files) Create or renew robots.txt Break Sitemap Into Parts: URL

Custom URL Filters

Add Data Filter:
For example, URL contains: .jpg or URL contains: /files
URL contains: , assign: Priority: , Changefreq: Ignore Remove Filter

+ Add URLs Filter

If you are having any problems with creating or submitting a Sitemap – let us know. See also: Possible reasons if your site is not indexed.


What is a Mobile Sitemap?
Mobile Sitemap is an XML file designed to send Google a listing of web pages based on the WAP and iMode content. This type of sitemap uses the extra XML namespace proposed by Google.
What is WAP and iMode?
These are outdated technologies for adapting Internet content for display on mobile phones. Today, WAP and iMode are used extremely rarely because mobile device capabilities have improved over time, mobile Internet speed has increased significantly, and mobile browsers have begun to fully support HTML markup and HTTP protocol.
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