Convert CSV to HTML Sitemap

How to convert data from a CSV to HTML?

  1. Prepare your CSV file:
    Create a CSV spreadsheet, following the proposed olumn mapping.

  2. Enable the Import from a CSV option on the Data Source settings tab:
    Once you enable this option you can specify the file URL or upload it from your device (direct upload only applies to Public Free and Static Pro plans).

  3. Setup other necessary and/or related file generation settings and defaults (optional).

  4. Start your service.


Column Mapping of CSV File for HTML Sitemap Generator

Required fields & explanations of spreadsheet columns:

Download Example

Element nameDescriptionIs this required

Valid column names: url

Recommended content type: String

Description: Page URL


It is allowed to use a URI relative to the website domain


Valid column names: name

Recommended content type: String

Description: Page title