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Convert CSV to XML Sitemap

How to convert URL data from CSV to XML Sitemaps file?

  1. Prepare your CSV file:
    Create a CSV spreadsheet of website URLs, following the proposed olumn mapping.

  2. Check the Import From CSV option on the Data Source settings tab:
    Activate the import option from CSV and upload the file from your computer or specify its URL to download from your website.

  3. Fill in the necessary settings for the handler (optional):
    You can specify default values for empty fields.

  4. Start the generation, as in the usual case:
    When processing is complete, a link to download the XML Sitemap file will be available to you.


Column Mapping of CSV File for XML Sitemap Generator

Required fields & explanations of spreadsheet columns:

Download Example

Element nameDescriptionIs this required

Valid column names: url

Recommended content type: String

Description: page URL


It is allowed to use a URI relative to the website domain


Valid column names: lastmod

Recommended content type: Datetime

Description: Date of page modified

Not required

Used when enabling the corresponding option in the settings and selecting the value of "server response"


Valid column names: priority

Recommended content type: Float

Description: Priority of the page from 0.1 to 1.0

Not required

Used when enabling the corresponding option in the settings


Valid column names: changefreq

Recommended content type: String

Description: Page changefreq mode always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never

Not required

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