Loading data from a CSV

CSV is a common text file format designed to represent tabular data. A CSV import is the process of transferring prepared tabular data in textual form for further processing by a software. You can specify prepared data in a CSV as a data source for our bot, or sync with our services.

In order for us to properly process your data in a CSV file, it must comply with the RFC 4180 specification.

The first line of the file should contain the names of the elements that describe the column data. Columns can be arranged in any order, but within the same file the order of elements must be the same.

If at least one of the required elements is missing in a table row, this row will be ignored. In addition to the required and allowed ones, the file may contain any additional columns that will not be processed and used.

How to link your CSV by URL

Link your CSV file published on Google Sheets
Make your file available by publishing it to Google Sheets. You can easily link your Google Sheets document by setting up a share link.
Link your CSV file hosted on your web server
The file must be available for direct download from web or a FTP server.
An example of a valid HTTP link:

An example of a valid FTP link:
Dynamic CSV streaming from your app
To automatically sync with your app, you can provide us with a dynamic CSV stream generated by your apps endpoint as a simple comma-delimited line-by-line text response with an appropriate HTTP header to indicate the correct MIME type.
Dynamic response example:
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-type: text/csv
    {Any other web servers specific HTTP headers}
    Your CSV data is here

Column mapping of a CSV file

Column mapping for Product Feed Generator

Column mapping for XML Sitemap Generator

Column mapping for HTML Sitemap Generator

Column mapping for Visual Sitemap Generator