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Create RSS Feed for Yandex Turbo

In the free version only 3 running request per day is allowed / Indexing limit is 10 items

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Create Auto-Updateable RSS Feed. Plans start as little as from $1.00 a month!

Web page URL:
For Example: http://website.tld/somepage
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Processing settings: General settings are used by default. Click, to view or change settings.

URL Search Pattern for Entries

Search pattern are needed to index the web pages of specific entries referenced by the Source URL.
In the search pattern, you can use the path and the wildcard *, which means any sequence of characters. If the search pattern is not specified, the selection of records is performed automatically. http://website.tld/ (For Example: blog/* or articles/*.html)

Crawler Settings

Turbo mode through proxy servers Crawler Identify:

Crawl Options

Don't crawl contents marked as noindex Don't crawl links marked as nofollow

Generation Settings

Number of feed entries: File Encoding:

RSS Feed Settings

Add RSS Title Add RSS Description Add Publication Date as Administrator Email: Add a Logo to your Feed:

RSS Items Settings

Add Title Add Description Add pubDate from Default Author Name: Default Category:
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Links that match the specified pattern:


If you are having any problems with creating or submitting a Feed Ц let us know. See also: Possible reasons if your site is not indexed.


What is Yandex Turbo Pages?
This technology accelerates the loading and optimization of content for display in mobile phones and tablets. Turbo pages are displayed in Yandex mobile search. The principle of operation is similar to the technology Accelerated Mobile Pages, developed by Google, but differs in a simpler way of implementation. To form Turbo pages, XML feeds are used which are based on RSS and include full texts of publications with simplified markup.

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