Google Shopping Feed Pro

Suitable for medium-sized sites, filling product catalogs, one-time and short-term advertising campaigns.


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Crawl up to 10k URLs

14-day URL

Free Product Feed Public free
500 URLs   Basic set-up   No updates   14-day URL

Automatic Product Feed from $5.00/Mo
15k … 100k URLs   Full set-up & Management   Auto updates   Hosted URL

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Choose a way to collect inventory data

Collect data by site crawling


WooCommerce direct import


Direct import with Shopify API


Loading data from a CSV file


Processing settings: General settings are used by default. Click, to view or change settings.

Crawler Settings

Turbo mode through proxy servers Average Speed/Load: Crawler mode and identify: Maximum indexing time:

Crawl Options

Follow the rules set in the robots.txt file Don't crawl content marked as noindex Don't crawl links marked as nofollow Follow & consolidate canonical URLs Indexing AJAX (hashbang) Crawl HTML forms Crawl framed content Crawl Javascript

Generation Settings

Data Extraction Algorithm: Find & extract additional photos Detect & save discounts Description formatting: Detect product type/category Detect product characteristics Dismiss duplicates by: Product name Product photo

Set up UTM tracking

Add UTM tracking code to the URLs

Product data defaults

Product availability: Product condition:

Merchant params

Website Name: Website currency by default: Sales Tax Rates (USA only)

Delivery params

Include shipping parameters
Shipping cost: USD Free shipping over: USD

Additional files

Export to a CSV file

Custom URL Exclusion Rules

In the URL pattern, you can use any substring and the wildcard *, which means any sequence of characters. For example: *.jpg or /uploads
Exclude URLs that contain: Remove Filter 

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