Set Up Product Listing Ads across Shopping Platforms

What is a Google Product Feed?
Google product XML feed is a file with detailed information about the products. Feeds can be created according to the RSS 2.0 specification using the Google Merchant Center XML namespace.
You need a product feed if you are a merchant with an eCommerce store and want to get your products into search results, dynamic ads, price comparison websites, or partner networks. Product feed supply your product data to those online sale channels so that buyers can easily find your products anywhere.

If you want to maximize or diversify your advertising, you can easily import your products via manual file upload or sync your product catalog by URL and move forward with ad campaigns showcasing the products you sell.

Getting Your Data Feed Distribution URL
  1. Log into your Mysitemapgenerator account.
  2. Go to "Persistent Google Product Feeds" and find your store.
  3. Click "Options" > "Manage".
  4. You can use your Primary data feed or create a separate one for each different channel by clicking "Add channel" (or just click the feed icon if you've already created it earlier).
  5. To copy the URL of your feed, click "Distribute" > "Get feed URL".

Your product feed can be used to set up product listing ads across many platforms.

Uploading Data Feed to Sync Inventory with Sales Channels

Uploading Data Feed to Google Merchant Center
  1. Log into your Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Go to "Products" > "Feeds".
  3. To add your feed, click the blue circle "+" symbol.
  4. Choose your target country and language, and click "Continue".
  5. Provide the name, select "Scheduled fetch", and click "Continue".
  6. Name your file.
  7. Select "Fetch frequency", "Fetch time", and "Time zone".
  8. In the "File URL" field, paste your feed distribution URL, and click "Continue".
  9. Click on the newly created feed, and then click "Fetch now".

For more details visit Google official documentation page.

Uploading Data Feed to Microsoft Merchant Center
  1. Log into your Microsoft Merchant Center account.
  2. Go to "Tools" > "Catalog Management".
  3. Select the option named "Microsoft Download".
  4. Paste your feed and click "Save".

For more details visit Microsoft official documentation page.

Uploading Data Feed to Facebook
  1. Log into your Facebook Business account.
  2. In the upper-left corner, click "Business Manager" > "Catalogs".
  3. Click on the name of your catalog or create one by clicking "Create Catalog".
  4. From the left pane in the "Product Catalog", click "Product Data Sources".
  5. Click "Add Products" > "Use Data Feeds".
  6. Choose "Set a Schedule" (or "Upload Once" if you create feed manually with Free or Static service).
  7. Provide the details required.
  8. Click "Start Upload".

For more details visit Facebook official documentation page.

Uploading Data Feed to Pinterest
  1. Log into your Pinterest business account and click "Ads", then "Catalogs".
  2. Click "Get Started".
  3. Click "Add data source".
  4. Select XML in the file format options.
  5. Select the currency.
  6. Click "Create Pins".

For more details visit Pinterest official documentation page.

Uploading Data Feed to Snapchat
  1. Log into your Snapchat Ads Manager account.
  2. Click the menu at the upper-left corner and select "Catalogs". You will see two options: "Manually Add Products" and "Use Product Feed".
  3. Click "Use Product Feed".
  4. Name your catalog.
  5. Input your feed URL.
  6. Indicate the time of day you would like Snap to refresh your catalog.
  7. Wait for the product catalog to be imported, it may take about 10-30 minutes.

For more details visit Snap official documentation page.