Payment Questions

Accepted Payment Methods

How to pay for services?
Payment for services occurs automatically using various payment systems. If for some reason accessible payments methods is not convenient to you, please contact us to discuss alternative ways of making the payment.

Can I make one-time manual transactions?
When you make a manual payment, your services can be run immediately after we receive your payment. Youll accrue costs that are deducted from your manual payments. As long as you've got money in your user account to pay for your services, your services will run. We'll send you an email when the money in your account has gone and you have active services.

Subscription Billing

How does recurring billing work?
You will be billed immediately on subscribe, and then once a month thereafter.

Can I subscribe to more than one service?
When you sign up for the first time we'll create your user account, using the same login you can subscribe to as many services as you need using the same user account.

How can I cancel my subscriptions?
You can cancel your subscriptions at any time in the Dashboard.

Is there a minimum subscription period?
One month. You will continue to get the service for the remainder of the month you paid for which is when the cancellation of the subscription is made effective and when you will no longer have access to the service.

PIN-based Access

How does one-time service start?
Payment is made by entering off the received PIN. After payment, the PIN will be sent to your email. Instructions for payment are given when choosing the appropriate payment systems.

How long the PIN has been active?
The PIN is not limited by the time of the action. You can use it anytime.

How many times can I use a one-time PIN?
One-time PIN can be used to start services only once.

What to do if I bought a PIN, but at the time of launch my site was not available?
Before you start scanning, MySitemapGenerator first checks the availability of the website and only then deactivates the access code you entered. If your website is not accessible, the access code will not be debited and you will be able to use the service later when your site resumes work.

The received PIN code is not accepted (Error: the PIN was entered incorrectly)
Inform the payment details, the received code and the date of payment - we will certainly help to solve the problem.