How to simulate crawls by search engines robots?

You may choose one of the identification options for our Web-crawler* (Search Engine Bot), which does crawling of your website:
  • Standard browser crawler uses this option by default and is a recommended one. Your website will load the same way your regular visitors see it.
  • YandexBot this option is used to crawl your website as Yandex search bot sees it. Our crawler will be signed as the main Yandex bot (YandexBot/3.0)
  • Googlebot this option is used to crawl your website as Google search bot sees it. Crawler will be signed as Google's web search bot (Googlebot/2.1)
  • Baiduspider - Baidu Web Search Bot
  • Mysitemapgenerator use direct identification of our crawler if you need separate control settings and an ability to manage website access
Pay attention to the features of robots.txt file processing when choosing different identification ways:
  • When choosing YandexBot, GoogleBot, Baiduspider or Mysitemapgenerator options only instructions for a particular robot are considered (User-agent: Yandex, User-agent: Googlebot, User-agent: Mysitemapgenerator respectively). General instructions of User-agent: * sections will be used only when "personal" ones are missing.
  • If you are using Standard Browser or Mysitemapgenerator - crawler will consider only instructions in Mysitemapgenerator section or general section of User-agent: *. "Personal" sections of User-agent: Yandex or User-agent: Googlebot and others are not considered.