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Suitable for improving search coverage of self-hosted websites. Allows enabling of Google extensions to indicate embedded images & multi-language pages.


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Mobile Sitemaps Generator (WAP and iMode websites)

Note: Only WAP and iMode websites is indexed. Otherwise regular XML Sitemap used.

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Custom Data Source

Our bot is ready to crawl your website to collect the necessary data automatically. But you can also directly import data from a CSV. Import data from a CSV file

Crawler Settings

Turbo mode through proxy servers Crawling intensity: Crawler mode and identify: Browser language: Limit crawl time: Limit number of URLs: Limit page-level depth:

Crawl Options

Follow the rules set in the robots.txt file Don't crawl content marked as noindex Don't crawl URLs marked as nofollow Handle canonicalization tags and exclude non-canonical pages Crawl HTML forms Crawl framed content Handle AJAX interactions for hashbang URLs Handle javascript Reject URLs that don't comply with RFC 1738 Reject URLs with abnormal structure and potential loading issues

Generation Settings

Include Priority, use website structure Include Lastmod Calculate Changefreq from Expires & Cache-Control Headers Create Sitemaps Index File (for several files) Create or renew robots.txt Break Sitemap Into Parts: URL

Exclude or customize URLs

In the match pattern, you can use any substring and the wildcard *, which means any sequence of characters. For example: *.jpg or /uploads